Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Q: Are businesses vetted before being listed?

A: No. The National Green Pages are for information purposes. It’s the Link’s responsibility to vet.

Q: What if the business is not in good standing or has a poor better business rating?

A: The Edirectory does not endorse or vet.

Q: Must a Link sister be a certified Link vendor in order to be listed in the directory?

A: No. Any Link sister in good standing with the organization can list her business in the E-directory. The vendor certification process is entirely different and is managed by our national office.  Contact us at  [email protected] with  questions.

Q: If I as an individual or my chapter wishes to use a Link business owner for their product/service, must they be certified with the National office?

A: Again, No. If you as an individual or your chapter wishes to engage the services or purchase the products of a sister Link. They do not have to be certified unless they  are  selling Link branded  merchandise.

Q: I am a Link and I own a party favor company. Am I permitted to bid on providing my products to my chapter or other Link chapters?

A: Absolutely. You may engage in a business arrangement with your chapter or any Link chapter as long as you adhere to their requirements. You should be held to the same standards as a non-Link vendor. It is not a violation of our organizations code of ethics to engage a sister Link’s business.

Q: I own a company that sells products and I need to hire someone to handle my social media campaign. Am I permitted to use a sister Link for that service?

A: Yes, if you determine a Link sister can provide you goods or services at the level you require by all means buy Green!

Q: How do I edit my listing?

A: To edit your listing, follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your account:
  2. View the directory and find your listing:
  3. You should see an edit button next to your listing.


THEME: Link Incorporated  members are encouraged to use the services and products of our sister Links.