1 Design U Love Jewelry and Accessories
Address: 9159 Highland Ridge Way
Contact Name: Mary Dance
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Short Business Description: 1 Design U Love is a Sole Proprietor Online Jewelry and Accessory Business
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1 Design U Love is an online jewelry and accessory business specializing in vintage, antique, costume and redesigned jewelry. Our goal is to enhance your style 1 Design at a time.

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Business Phone Number: 813-484 4045
Diva Style Gems
Address: 1828 Woodmere Loop
Montgomery, AL 36117
Contact Name: LaKesha B. Shahid
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Short Business Description: Independent Paparazzi Consultant
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Let me be your jewelry lady! All of our jewelry is nickel and lead free.

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Business Phone Number: 3345905921
Business Fax: 3343565310
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Address: 7515 Jefferson Hwy #247
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Contact Name: Candice Dixon
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Short Business Description: Licensed vendor for AKA, ΔΣΘ, ZΦB, and ΣΓΡ
Beauty. Style. History. Pride… Amplified.
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RENEE MARIE is a jewelry & accessories brand where we aim to design unique and quality products that amplify the history and pride we have for our Sororities and other membership based organizations. RENEE MARIE is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was founded in 2015 by Candice Marie. Licensed vendor for AKA, ΔΣΘ, ZΦB, and ΣΓΡ.

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Ruah Experience ~ Divinely Inspired...Naturally Created...
Address: Online
Contact Name: Gina Eller
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Short Business Description: Natural, artisanal and essential fragrance company featuring products that are Divinely Inspired…Naturally Created. Our products include natural Hair Oil, Bath Soap, Shower Gel, Perfume, Lip Balm, Bear Balm (for men) Anointing Oils, Cosmeceuticals (for pain, rash and eczema) and Jewelry.
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Ruah Experience is a family owned and operated essential fragrance and artisanal jewelry business located in New England. Ruah Experience was founded by Linda Clark and is co-owned by daughters Link Gina Eller and Noa Carter; a creative mother and daughters team.

Ruah is a Hebrew word that is interpreted as “The life-giving Spirit” or “Fragrant wind of God”. The logo has a scripture from Ezekiel 37:6 which reads, “I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I AM the Lord”. Ruah Experience has a mission to honor God by being the superlative example in the cosmetics industry and to redeem the beauty industry by offering safe, natural and beneficial products that will remind us of the One who has created them.

The creation of Ruah Experience was birthed by divine dreams, visions and revelations. In 2003, Linda heard the voice of the Lord say to her, “Bring your jars so that I can fill them!” (2 Kings 4:1-7). She understood her “jars” were her creative gifts and talents. So, she began with a small line of scented anointing oils. Over several years, the business developed into a full line of personal care products, perfumes and jewelry.

Today, Ruah Experience uses only the best natural and organic products that can be found. We have eliminated ANY synthetic ingredients and preserve with only the most mild preservative possible; if and when the product calls for it. Every product is divinely inspired and made with the finest ingredients customized to benefit your body and your senses in more ways than one. There is a healing effect in each botanical, oil and fragrance chosen to go into Ruah Experience products. We are certain you will love every one!

Ruah Experience has a vision to support and grow the Clark-Spencer Foundation (in honor of Linda’s parents) that will fund Kingdom-minded organizations which are seeking to improve the quality of life for all, in New England and beyond. Ruah also desires to directly purchase raw materials from nations of origin and engage with those nations to help set up businesses along the trade routes of the world; thereby returning profit and benefit to the people and nation.

At the Ruah Experience, we feel a responsibly to do what is right, being a good neighbor in the community and integrating social and environmental priorities into all we do. Therefore, we want to treat others the way we would want to be treated, which means being careful to respect, honor and serve with honesty and integrity while appreciating our staff, customers and business partners. Ruah Experience does not test its products on animals and avoids any harmful or toxic ingredients in their production. We welcome you to try our wonderful, life giving products. Enjoy!

Divinely Inspired…Naturally Created…

Business Phone Number: (475) 731-3966
Transforming Spirit Art Studio & Enthusiasm Pottery
Address: 7 Plowlan Court
Contact Name: Cynthia Harrell
Short Business Description: Original/ print oil & watercolor paintings and artistic, functional pottery
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Transforming Spirit Art Studio is owned and operated by Cynthia B. Harrell and is located in Durham, NC. Cynthia has been a professional potter since 2007. She is a multifaceted artist who has successfully combined her passion for pottery, physical therapy and painting (water color & oils). Her cups are unique and especially comfortable in the hand. Since 2011 her studio has been open to fellow potters of all ages from preK to seniors. Cynthia’s art is offered through her Durham based studio and examples can be viewed on her website:
She is currently working with the Durham Arts Council as a Teaching Artist & enthusiastically planting the seeds for future generations to think and change the world creatively.

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Business Phone Number: 9194914512